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Conductivity Meter Horiba HE-300C

Ady Water menawarkan conductivity/konduktiviti meter dari Brand/Merek Horiba yaitu tipe HE-300C.

Alat conductivity meter ini cocok untuk pengukuran terus-menerus air murni atau air pendidih, yang menjadi keunggulannya adalah kompensasi temperatur yang fleksibel dengan rentang lebar.

Rentang PengukuranCell constant/cm0.010.11
Electrical conductivityμS/cm0.000 to 2.000; 0.00 to 10.000.000 to 2.000; 0.00 to 20.00; 0.0 to 100.00.0 to 200.0; 0 to 1,000
mS/m0.0000 to 0.2000; 0.000 to 1.0000.0000 to 0.2000; 0.000 to 2.000; 0.00 to 10.000.00 to 20.00; 0.0 to 100.0
TDS conversionmg/L0.00 to 2.00; 0.0 to 10.00.0 to 20.0; 0 to 1000 to 200; 0 to 1,0000
Electrical conductivity measurement and TDS conversion measurement cannot be selected at same time.
Temperature˚C0 to 100; Resolution: 0.01˚C
PengulanganElectrical conductivity: ±0.5% full-scale or less
TDS conversion: ±1.5% full-scale or less; Temperature: ±0.1˚C (for equivalent input)
LinearitasElectrical conductivity: ±0.5% full-scale or less; TDS conversion: ±1.5% full-scale or less; Temperature: ±0.5˚C (for equivalent input)
Transmission output4 to 20 mA DC   Input/output insulated type; Maximum load resistance 600 Ω
Contact input One point
Contact format: Non-voltage a contact;
Contact function: Transmission output is held for closed contact input.
Rentang Kompensasi Temperature  0 to 100˚C
(but for 0˚C or less, 100˚C or more, extend and perform calculation)
Ambient temperature-20 to 60˚C
Temperature compensation elementPt 1000 (0˚C)
Calibration functionElectrical conductivity: Based on input of cell constant correction coefficient (parameter input); TDS conversion: Conversion based on specified coefficient (0.30 to 1.00); Temperature: One point calibration compared with reference temperature gauge
Self-diagnosis functionSensor diagnosis error, Transmitter malfunction
Power supply 24 V DC (operational voltage range: 21 V to 32 V DC); Power consumption 0.6 W or less
ConstructionOutdoor installation type: IP65 protection level; Mounting method: 50A pole or wall mounted; Case: Aluminum alloy   Mount fitting/hood: SUS304
Compatible sensorESH series electrical conductivity sensor (cell constant 0.01/cm, 0.1/cm, 1.0/cm)
WeightApprox. 4 kg
Equipment protectedCE marking, FCC rules

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